Signal 21 Security Systems, Inc., was established in 1981, and is located just east of Town Hall in the historic downtown Orange City, FL.  We are your resource for Residential and Commercial Fire Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarms Systems and Video Surveillance Systems in Volusia, Lake and Seminole Counties.

We install new security systems, as well as inspect existing security systems for both commercial and residential properties.

All of our systems are designed individually based on your unique needs.  We don’t promote a fixed package of components like many mass marketing Alarm Companies. We realize that cost and level of protection are both important.

“Signal 21 only installs non-proprietary equipment and doesn’t require long-term contracts.”

We offer 24-hour U.L. listed monitoring for burglar alarm systems and fire alarm systems, annual fire alarm system inspections as required for most commercial fire alarm systems, security system repair and maintenance for most burglar alarm and fire alarm systems, as well as stock batteries for most burglar alarm systems.

All Signal 21 installation, service and inspection work is performed by local Signal 21 employees, compared to most mass marketing companies which use subcontractors for their installation and service work.

Signal 21 only installs non-proprietary equipment.   Most mass marketing Alarm Companies install proprietary equipment, which locks you into that single company for all your future alarm needs.  You can’t get service or monitoring from any other company without purchasing new equipment.  This is very important to consider from a consumer viewpoint.

Signal 21 does not require that you sign a long term monitoring contract.  We offer high quality , low cost 24 hour U.L. Monitoring service for burglar alarms with low monthly fees.  If monitoring service is not requested, no monthly fees will be necessary.




More reliable and secure

More reliable and secure than traditional security systems.

SIGNAL 21 keeps you protected even if your panel is smashed, the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected or the power goes out.


Stay aware

Stay aware of what’s happening at all times.

Whether your system is armed or not! Set up custom text or email alerts to notify you of the activity you care about most.



Geo-Services automatically adjusts

your thermostat, manages video monitoring and even sends you reminders so you don’t have to think twice.


The motion sensor

The motion sensor has evolved.

SIGNAL 21’s Image Sensor is a state of the art motion sensor that snaps a picture when motion is detected and sends it to you via text or email.

everything is connected

Connect your home

Connect all the things in your home

through a single app and get control when you want it, protection when you need it and automation that lets you forget about the details.

effortless energy managment

A learning system

A learning system that works on your behalf.

Uses all the sensors in the home to learn and recommend schedules optimized for you. Save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Professional Installation & Support
Signal 21 Security Systems solutions are delivered exclusively through a network of best-in-class home security experts, making it easy to get a Smart Home Security system that’s customized for your needs, and seamlessly integrated for your home.